The Roland G-800 Arranger Workstation Hints Page

On this page, you will find some tips with regard to the G-800.
Please feel free to have a look at some ideas...

Tip 1: Performance Memory A11 or C88 for StartUp

I programmed my favourite settings in Performance Memory C88. After switching on the keyboard, I press the 'Performance memory down' key once to get my favourite setup of the keyboard.

Of course, you could use Memory A11 just as well, requiring 'up one' instead.

Tip 2: Old MIDI file tones

I play MIDI files every now and then. I can imagine stage performers using these very frequently.
The G-800 offers quite a lot of new 'samples' but they sometimes make MIDI files sound a bit weird.

How to get back to the 'old' E-86, Sound Canvas etc. sound?

Go to the MIXER menu and select SONG

Next, set the 'Tone Chng' to 'Old' for all 16 parts (left on the display) and try the MIDI files now...

I saved this setting into a performance memory, named 'MIDI Old'

Tip 3: Three Intro variations instead of two

The arranger has three chord families: Maj, Min and 7th.

By default, the G-800 only uses the Maj and Min intro/ending. To enable the situation with the three variations, go to the PARAM menu and select GLOBAL.
Next, please use the 'PAGE' keys left of the display to select Page 4. The screen looks like this:

Set the 'In-Ed' to 'On'
Now, when playing a 7th family chord, the intro will be different...

Of course, I stored this setting in Performance Memory C88 (see Tip 1)

The display snapshots were taken with a digital camera. Please accept the noise and parallax.

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