Cycle 21 Crossband Award

Cycle 21 award
Cycle 21 Crossband Award
In 1979 to 1981, atmospheric conditions were very good for the 50 MHz (six metre) band.
The solar activity was very high, which resulted in many F2 openings.
I listened regularly on the band and was very pleased to hear signals from amateur stations for the first time. The ZS6PW beacon was the first amateur signal that I heard. Later, two way contacts were made, using 28 MHz to transmit on (as we were not licenced for 50 MHz those days) and to receive on 50 MHz, of course.
It was a fine surprise to receive this Cycle 21 Crossband Award.
The award has been on my wall ever since, and I feel very honoured to have it.
It means a great deal to me and it has most definitely encouraged me to continue to be active on the (magic) six metre band.

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