The PA2S 50 MHz Tape Archives

I have been active on 50 MHz since 1978. It started with building a converter, because we were not allowed to transmit on 50 MHz in The Netherlands. At first, in the summer of 1978, only noise was observed. Television signals were the best I could get! But in the spring of 1979, I switched on my six metre rig and tuned... It was incredible: the ZS6PW beacon could be heard!

I have always had a tape recorder at hand in my shack. As soon as things got hot, the deck was started...
In early 1996, I put some clips online, using RealAudio coding.
As far as I know, I was the first to use this concept...
This page became very popular very soon, so I decided to add more clips. Over 1 MB of content is available now.

Please note that my call changed from PA2HJS to PA2S.

The clips were made with RealAudio. They can be played with Real Alternative. You can download and install this player: Real Alternative
VLC Player is also capable of playing the clips.
The Cycle 23 recordings are in MP3 format.

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Listen to fragments from my 50 MHz tape archives:

Solar Cycle 21

Solar Cycle 22

Solar Cycle 23

Cycle 23-24 - Es

This is just a very small fraction of what I have been recording over the years. It shows how good the propagation sometimes was.

In 1996 I said on this page: "Let us just hope that cycle 23 will add quite a few interesting clips to my archives!"
Cycle 23 was not as good, but produced a number of interesting openings, as you can learn from the audio clips.
Early 2003, the solar activity has dropped to such a low level that F2 openings will be very unlikely. It looks like we will have to wait until cycle 24 will become productive...

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